News 2019-11-14

Projects with ventilation material from Clima Construct


Soon the second fast-food restaurant of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Belgium will open at Wijnegem shopping center. Clima Construct has now also supplied material, just as we did for the first restaurant that opened in Brussels.
Because good ventilation is important.
"Ventilation is our business"

ENGIE Escape Room

On October 24, energy company Engie opened a free escape room on the Meir on the theme of energy. You can go there for a month to escape from different rooms with leaking radiators and broken boilers, with the intention of learning something about energy efficiency.

The free escape game 'Don't Let The Energy Escape The Room' challenges participants to escape from different rooms as quickly as possible, with overheated boilers and leaking radiators.
One room contains air ducts supplied by Clima Construct.

Zoo Antwerp - the koala enclosure

Koalas sleep most of the day. Unfortunately, the previous air conditioning was not low-noise.
Clima Construct has ensured better sleeping comfort for the koalas by adapting the ventilation channels with silencers.

You can find more photos of projects on our page:
  Photos > Ventilation projects of our customers

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