IV Produkt Designer

IV Produkt has developed a computer program where you can perform calculations with data from your project. This way you can quickly and easily control the unit designs that best suits your needs. You get one finished and dimensioned drawing with all technical data: specific fan power, temperature efficiency, sound data, ...

The program generates a three-dimensional
model of the air handling unit that can be exported to AutoCAD and MagicCAD (DXF / XML).

You can also make a separate LCC calculation for one
existing or new unit. This way you can calculate the profit for replacing an older unit.

Go to IV Produkt Designer.

* IV Produkt Designer is available in different languages \u200b\u200b(after installation).
* Selfinstalling executable.
* Size of the installation file: 17MB.
* Required disk space for installation: 41MB.

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