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The technical data sheets are also grouped below so that you can find them quickly.

Aa. Own rectangular air ducts

Ab. Silencers - own production

Ac. Register valve - own production

Ad. Outdoor air vents - own production

Ae. Rain cover - own production

Af. Filter box - own production

Ag. Flexible cuff - own production

Ba. C2PIR - PIR channel in own production

Bb. Ventaflex - round PIR channels

Ca. Round air ducts - spiral ducts
and accessories: brackets, inner sleeves, outer sleeves, bends, covers, silencers, picages, flat picages, t-pieces, control hatches, exhaust pieces

Cb. Shut-off valve

Cc. Roof passage and roof cover
roof cap with lead flashing, adhesive sheet for flat roof, roof passage for sloping roof, roof stand, Chinese hat, roof stand with lid, storm collar

CD. Round muffler

Ce. Check valve

Da. Insulated flexibles

Db. PVC flexibles

Dc. Straps and straps

E. To belong  
bolts, nuts, washers, threaded rods, support and assembly, plugs, screws, silicone, tape

F. Insulation material and accessories

Go.   Rectangular fire damper CU2

Gb.   Round fire damper CR60

Gc.   Round fire damper CR120

Gd.   Round fire damper CR2

Ge.   Fire grates

Gf.   Fire resistant valve SCV

Gg.   Fireproof round butterfly valve SC +

H.   Filters

IJa. Outdoor air vents - own production

IJb.   Outdoor air vents diverse

IJc.   Outdoor air vents around

IJd. Transit grilles

IJe. Channel gratings

IJf.   Ceiling grilles

IJg.   Jet schedules

IJh.   Wall shelves

IJi. Design valve for pulse and extraction in steel (DLV) - Helios

IJj. Stainless steel ventilation valve for extraction (SUB)

Cal. Valve for pulse in steel (VP)

Cal. Valve for pulse (ULA)

Ll. Valve for extraction in steel (VE)

Ll. Valve for extraction (URH)

IJm. Colorline - design valves - Aldes

Ka. Register valve - own production

K B. Iris valves

Kc. CAV Constant volume control rectangular

Kd. CAV Constant volume control around

Ke. Sound dampening volume control

Kf. VAV motorized valves

La. Fabric ducts

Ma. Air treatment groups IV Product

MB Samsung air treatment groups

After. Atex fans

Nb. Bathroom fans

Nc. SilentBox

Ne. Tube fans

Ng. AM roof fan

Ni. CM roof fan

Nj. VDD roof fan

Nk. Roof fan RDD

NL. DVEC roof fan

Nn. Destratifiers

No. GigaBox

Np. GigaBox with EC motor

Nr. Me gaBox with EC motor

Nt. Ring fans

Now. Wall fans

N. CER roof fan

N. CM roof fan

N. Roof fan RDW

N. Roof fan RDW

Nv. Other fans

Nw. Rectangular duct fans

O. Air curtains

PQe. Fan convectors

PQf. Channel batteries

R. Residential ventilation - Aldes
- DeeflyCube 300 and 370
- EasyHome Hygro Compact Premium SP
      - InspirAir Home SC240 and 370
- Valve Bahia Curve

R. Residential ventilation - Ubbink
- Isolated channel
- AirExellent floor channels

R. Residential ventilation - Helios
      - Flex Pipe floor channels

T. Ozone generator AirMaid

Ua. Servo motors

Ub. Frequency controllers

Uc. Control modules

Ud. Speed controllers & Switches

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