Textile channel

textile channels

Hygienic air transport in the food industry!

Ordinary air ducts often do not meet the strict requirements that are applied in the food industry. That is why textile channels are a perfect alternative. These can easily be dismantled for washing. This keeps the air duct always clean and gives dust and bacteria no chance.

Detectable slider
Detectable sliders can be used when mounting the textile channel on a ceiling rail. These are made of plastic but have a metal bar. If a slider should fall for some reason and end up in the production process, it can easily be scanned out.

Automatic (dis) assembly system

An automatic system can be installed in places where it is difficult to access. Regularly picking up and hanging up the textile channel is done in one central location. The textile channel is automatically distributed over the room.

-> look at the video and operation of the automatic rail system

-> Take a look at the flyer

You get an overview of all options concerning the shape, material, color, discharge options, suspension and maintenance.

-> Please contact sales@climaconstruct.be or 03 / 354.00.63 for further information or a detailed customized proposal!

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