Here you will find leaflets about the ventilation articles from the product range of Clima Construct.

* C2pir - isolated channels

* Clima Construct Air ducts - general brochure about available ventilation channels

* Clima Construct web range - which products in our webshop

* Fabric ducts - textile channels

* Ventaflex - insulated round ducts for industrial and large buildings

* Samsung - ERV ceiling unit WTW with moisture recovery

* AirMaid ozone generator for reducing fat and odor

* Aldes Easy Home premium compact SP

* Aldes InspirAir Home  

Aldes InspirAir Top 

* Aldes Dee Fly Cube series 300 - series 500

Helios roof ventilators - general brochure about the roof fans- in German

Helios AIR1 - the new serie of the compact units from Helios
  Helios AIR1 - English full catalogue
  Helios AIR1 XVP - the most compact unit with connections on top

Helios AirPal (Go) - air purifiers with HEPA filter, standing and mobile model

Stainless steel grids - overview of grids, towers, valves and air-flow regulators in stainless steel 

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